Ticket Information

Ticket Headquarters:

Tickets may be purchased at the Vaughan-Smitherman Museum, 109 Union Street at Alabama Avenue from 8:30-4:00 on March 15 and 16.  Maps will be available at Ticket Headquarters.

Cash, check, or credit card purchases may be made only at Pilgrimage Headquarters or through EventBrite.  Individual attraction tickets may be purchased at each venue with cash or check only–however, the package ticket is by far the best value!


Daytime Ticket:  $40   ($100 value)

A pass to all activities — homes, museums, church and art shows.

Child Day Tour:  $20

(For children under the age of 12, babes in arms are free)

Single House Ticket:  $10 each 

(Individual tickets can be purchased with cash or check only at each venue)

Single Participating Museum:  $5 each

Church, Selma Art Guild, ArtsRevive and Plein Air Artists Wet Paint Sale:  Free

Ticket Headquarters is at the Vaughan-Smitherman Museum, 109 Union Street, on the days of Pilgrimage, open 8:30-4:00. You can use cash, check or credit card at headquarters. Individual tickets can be purchased with cash only at each venue.

Call Candi Duncan, Ticket Chairperson, at 334-412-8550 or email her at Tickets@SelmaPilgrimage.com for ticket info.

No interior photography permitted.

All plans subject to change.

Sponsored by:

Selma-Dallas County Historic Preservation Society

P.O. Box 586

Selma, AL 36702-0586

Fax (334) 875-7142

800-45-SELMA (800-457-3562)

  City of Selma

222 Broad Street

Selma, AL 36701