Press Photographs

These photographs are the property of Janet Gresham, SDCHPS Photographer, and may only be used to promote Selma Pilgrimage.  All rights are reserved.

Junior Hostesses

Hain-Harrelson House

c. 1913

Open 6-8 pm, Friday, March 17

One of the state’s finest examples of Neo-Classical Revival architecture, the front of this home is dominated by four massive Corinthian columns. Situated on 13 acres, the home was restored in 1998 and recently purchased by the current owners.  Fascinating features of the home include the massive columns (brought on the river by boat and then by mule wagons to the site, a rectangular shaped window made of leaded glass in the “Tree of Life” pattern and the center hall measuring 12′ wide by 54′ long.  All main rooms measure 18′ wide by 21′ deep. The house is constructed almost entirely of heart pine and cypress and the interior walls are sand plaster.  You will feel like a visitor to another time period when you tour this magnificent home and enjoy light refreshments.

Portis-Hubbard Home

c. 1892

Open 1 -5 pm

This Queen Anne Victorian home with wrap around porch was originally built by Reason H. Lanford. Features include heart pine and oak floors, 12 foot ceilings, restored wood wainscoting, pocket doors, antique light fixtures and a brick patio. The property changed ownership many times during the first 40 years, often in settlement of debts. The Portis sisters, Miss Richard Rivers Portis and Miss Janie Pruitt, acquired the house in 1932 and were the primary occupants for the next fifty years. The house has been home to many families, a boarding house for school teachers and the residence for Emmy-winning actress Jessica Lange while filming Blue Sky in Selma. This home was last open to the public on Pilgrimage 2002.

Sturdivant Hall, c. 1853,  9 am – 1 pm, Fri. & Sat.

Sturdivant Hall has been called “The finest Greek revival neo-classic antebellum mansion in the Southeast”. Established as a museum in 1957, it houses period antique furnishings, porcelain and doll collections, as well as an impressive collection of art by Selma native Clara Weaver Parrish.  This magnificent mansion with its six front columns, is the epitome of the South’s golden age.

There will be 25 Alabama Plein Air Artists “painting the town” during Pilgrimage. These talented individuals will be in the courtyards and gardens of all of the homes and several other venues. Their finished art will be sold at a Wet Paint Sale at the Selma Art Guild Gallery at 508 Selma Avenue on Saturday afternoon from 4:30-6:00 pm.