Junior Hostesses

2020 Junior Hostesses and Hosts

Being selected as a Junior Hostess/Host, an ambassador of Selma, is a huge responsibility and honor! Selma is known for its History and Hospitality. No other event captures both of these qualities like Selma’s Historic Pilgrimage. Pilgrimage hostesses/hosts play a very important role in this endeavor.

The 2018 Junior Hostesses:

Elizabeth Barrett Kyleigh Golson Tiffany Howard  Ashton Grace Lewis Amelia Norton
Starr Basham Taylor Green  Laura Johnson  Mary Lewis  Madilynn Plummer
Kaylee Bell Anna Drew Haugen Colleen Jones Lillyann McClellan Hope Smith 
Sarah Frances Cogle Lucy Hopkins  Kenley Kauffman Celie McGilberry Emily Strickland 
McKenzie Curtin Kenzie Horton  Lelia Kelly  Mary Karson Melton  Riley Weaver 
Carrie Dennis Baylee House  Elizabeth Brooks Leach  Emily Morrow 


The 2017 Junior Hostesses:

Elizabeth Barrett

Sarah Frances Cogle

Taylor Green

McKenzie Horton

Colleen Jones

KaLee Jones

Kenley Kauffman

Beana Kuntzman

Ella Kathryn Kuntzman

Mary Kuntzman

Elizabeth Leach

Lillyann McClellan

Kinsley Mott

Madilynn Plummer

AnnaMarie Theiss


The following young ladies were selected to serve in 2016:












The following young ladies were selected to serve in 2015:



Picture on left:  Front (L to R): Kellee Scheer, Ruth Stevens, Mary Claire White, Jania Pettway, Abby Pitts. Rear (L to R): Colleen Salter Jones, Kinsley Mott, Katie Thomas, Brooks Leach.

Photo on right: Tiffany Howard




The following young ladies were selected to serve in 2014:

Kamryn Chappelle, Mary Kay Coffee, Gracie Colley, Maggie Colley, Caroline Colvin, Alicia Deavers, Elina Deavers, Carrie Dennis, Emily Kaitlyn Edwards, Tayler Fancher, Katie Ryon Gibbs, Ashley Horton, Kenzie Horton, Tiffany Howard, Madison Hulsey, Grace Anne Ivey, Anna Catherine King, Caitlyn Langston, Brooks Leach, Kinsley Mott, Molly Nichols, Carrie Lea Powe, Grace Robbins, Kellee Scheer, Kaitlyn Shumate, Aris Stevens, Alexis Strong, Katie Thomas, Mary Claire White, Peyton Williamson.  Thanks to the Selma Times-Journal  for the photo below.

Jr Hostesses 2014

The following young ladies were selected to serve in 2013:

Lauren M. Barnes, Shelton Danielle Brady, Gracie Colley, Kamryn L. Chappelle, Logan Cole, Caroline Colvin, Madison Dearman, Alicia Madison Deavers, Emily Kaitlyn Edwards, Tayler Fancher, Regan Hewitt, Kenzie Horton, Grace Anne Ivey, Miranda Johnson, Morgan Krumnow, Elizabeth Brooks Leach, Katelyn Little, Anna Claire McMillan, Molly Nichols, Maggie Palmer, Jania Pettway, Carrie Lea Powe, Grace Robbins, Kellee Scheer, Meredith Smith, Ann Shannon Speed, Veigh Kaye Spencer, Alexis Strong, Katelyn Diane Thomas, Sarah Mitchell Wagoner, Mary Claire White, Peyton Williamson, Jordan Wiltsie, Ann Elizabeth Yocum

Pilgrimage 2013, Junior Hostesses 2

The following young ladies were selected to serve in 2012:

Lauren Barnes, Kacey Barrett, Kameren Burton, Gracie Colley, Madison Dearman, Emily Kaitlyn Edwards, Taylor Ellis, Christian Ezelle, Jamie Horton, Kenzie Horton, Madison Hulsey, Holly Peyton Jones, Brooks Leech, Katelyn Little, Anna Kate Mock-Jordan, Millie Motes, Carrie Lea Powe, Emile-Reed Ratcliff, Kellee Richards, Lauren Rutherford, Meredith Smith, Veigh Kaye Spencer, Taylour Talbot, Allie Tepper, Mary Claire White, Claire Williams, Peyton Williamson, and Angela Yoder.


March 12, 2012, Pearces, Pilgrimage Court 461-001

The following young ladies were selected to serve in 2011:

Lauren Barnes, Miranda Cobb, Hannah Creech, Emily Kaitlyn Edwards, Tayler Fancher, Logan Ferrell, Cashen Harrison, Regan Hewitt, Kenzie Horton, Emily McDaniel, Katianne Middleton, Anna Kate Mock-Jordan, Meredith Smith, Veigh Kaye Spencer, Allie Tepper, Anna Kate Traylor, Susanna Wagoner, Mary Claire White, Autumn Williams, Fayth Williams

Pictured from left to right are: Front row- McKenzie Horton, Veigh Kaye Spencer, Regan Hewitt. Second row- Anna Kate Traylor, Mary Claire White, Tayler Fancher, Susanna Wagoner. Third row- Meredith Smith, Cashen Harrison, Emily McDaniel, Katianne Middleton, Lauren Barnes. Back row- Allie Tepper, Logan Ferrell, Anna Kate Mock-Jordan, Hannah Creech.

The following young ladies were selected to serve in 2010:

Left to Right

Back: Elizabeth Jones, Anna Kate Mock-Jordan, Margaret Ingram, Hope Redd, Katie Davis
Middle: Amber Rushing, Amber Qadan, Allie Tepper, Sheridan Helms
Front: Miranda Cobb, Lauren Barnes, Tayler Fancher, Hannah Murray
Not Pictured: Meredith Smith, Morgan Smith, Susanna Wagoner