2018 Tour

Historic Places.  Southern Graces.

The 43rd annual Historic Selma Pilgrimage, presented by the Selma-Dallas County Historical Preservation Society and the City of Selma, March 16-17, 2018, will showcase exquisite home and building architecture, fabulous art, an in-depth investigation of Selma’s pivotal role in the American Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement combined with Southern hospitality beyond compare.  Pilgrimage patrons will delight in the magnificent visuals during the weekend events.

McEachern Cottage

ca. 1865

Open 9 am-1 pm

One of the Fairoaks Square houses, mainly Victorian cottages, that were restored in the 1980s. The renovation of these 12 houses met with national acclaim in the 1980s by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.


Strand Cottage

ca. 1910

Open 9 am-1 pm

Also in Fairoaks Square, this house’s exterior was authentically restored while the interior was modernized. Today it is filled with inherited antiques, their personal art collection and artist Anne Strand’s own work.





Miss Minnie Sue’s Cottage and Heritage Village

ca. 1830

Open 9 am-1 pm

According to local historians the house is fashioned from hand-hewn timbers and joined with wooden pegs and was moved to this location in 1910. This house was recently donated to the SDCHPS and will have various actors portraying many important Selmians relaying some of their personal tales of woe and triumph. Some actors will also be next door in Heritage Village, the site of several 1800’s structures that were also donated to the SDCHPS by private individuals. Included are four relocated historic structures: McKinnon-Riggs doctor’s office, 1830 Calhoun law office, Siegel servant quarters and a historic pigeon cote, as well as displays of 19th century equipment and furnishings.


Platt-Lewis-Gayle-Linden House

ca. 1849

Open 1-5 pm

This gracious Italianate home was saved from being burned in the last days of the Civil War, but the story of the Yankees’ visit doesn’t stop there. Hear the rest of the story involving Masons and military during the 2018 tour.


Willets-Brown-Needham Library & Gardens

ca. 1917

Open 1-5 pm

The one-room dependency started life behind the Pitts mansion on Broad St. It was moved 5 miles north in 2002 and painstakingly restored as a library with a newly-added screened porch to enjoy the surrounding gardens.


Moore-Pinson-Tate-Hudson House

ca. 1843

Open 1-5 pm

Simplicity is the time-honored style of this antebellum home in Summerfield, except for the attractive, original faux graining on wainscoting, doors and panels. A covered walkway leads to a gazebo and park-like grounds.


Kenan Place

ca. 1826

Open 1-5 pm

One of the oldest homes in Dallas County,  it was built with lumber from the property. Owned by the same family since 1854, the home bears fascinating scars of the Civil War. The beautiful picket-fenced yard is filled with native plants.


Kenan’s Mill

ca. 1850s

Open 1-5 pm

Kenan’s Mill remains one of the most interesting historic sites in Dallas County. Bags of corn will again be ground and available in the mill. Local recording artist, Paul Garner, will be playing beneath the moss-draped oaks.

Hohenberg-Jones-Hobbs House

ca. 1940

Open 6-8 pm Friday

Designed by a Birmingham firm and built on 20 acres of family land, this home has belonged to only 3 families. The current owners restored the older guest house and the back of the “big” house after a fire, enclosed the screened porch, and added an elevator and garage. You will enjoy the stately oak trees and grounds during a reception  after the tour.

We look forward to your visit.  We can hardly wait to share our historic town with you!